mutiny! magazine

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

***NOTE: we are quickly approaching our monthly submission cap. for free submissions, please email before 4/30. these are still subject to the below guidelines. please read them prior to submitting.

if you can spare it, please consider submitting through our tip jar option. running a magazine is spendy, y'all***

here at mutiny! we don’t like rules.  things we do like are:

 crayons / tantrums / secrets / salt / science experiments /  tattoos 

/ laundry lists / sticky notes / lines of code / vinyl / neon / b & w / 

mirrors / vintage furniture / righteous profanity / loud noises / 

things we don't like:

ellipses / centered text / end rhyme schemes / repeated titles 

/ plagiarism / rhetorical questions / love letters / fan fiction /

retellings / footnotes / grammar & spelling errors / clichés 

/ unneccessary capitalization / old english / vague abstractions / 

generalizations about large groups of people 

/ creepy sex jokes / creepy sex not-jokes / 

your shitty opinions about politics / all the relevant -isms & phobias

rules are meant to be broken. break them. refuse to apologize. 

show us what we didn't know we were missing. ​show us why you're not sorry.